Industrial Firefighting


Live-fire industrial firefighting

Dynamic, and experienced training custom-fit for new fire brigade members or an annual refresher



Medical training

-Trauma and burn victims in the industrial setting

-CPR and basic first aid




On-site medical standby

-24hr standby





Custom Hazmat training for your specific product and process. Annual refresher or new Hazmat tech certifications.


Standby and consulting services

Small to Large clean up. Consulting for problems that you need an extra brain on.



Rescue standby training and services

Experienced rescue techs for confined space, rescue standby, or other high hazard needs. Experienced instructors with real world experience. One key factor that is missing in most Rescue standby services is the ability to provide medical attention prior to and after rescue. Seconds count when rescue is needed. At a minimum service provided, each rescue standby crew operates at a EMT-Basic provider and a Paramedic capable standby crew is available upon request. Contact us for more information on how to keep your crew safe through Universal Hazard.


Medical standby

Paramedic or EMT Basic crews ready to standby for any medical emergency. Years of experience paired with highly educated and motivated professionals.

Extrication training

Experienced extrication technicians able to share their knowledge for any type of rescue situation. Collapse, roll overs, vehicle collisions and more.


Contingency Planning and Preparation

Facility safety survey, Disaster planning, Disaster preparation and more. Plan and prepare for Hurricanes, mass casualties, floods, freezes and more.

Biological Decon

Complete facility or vehicle decon to prevent transmission of viruses and bacteria. With the emergence of Covid-19 we have all become aware how important our health is and the importance of following strict hygiene practices. Contact us to see how we can help minimize the impact and keep you healthy.

Certification tracking

Let us do the hard work of keeping track of your organization’s certifications. We will monitor when expirations are coming due, notify you and the individual, schedule needed classes and manage the paperwork for your organization.

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